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What is Dental Implant?

What is Dental Implant?
What is Dental Implant?


Dental implants are artificial tooth roots made of titanium, in screw or root form, which are placed in the jawbone to replace the lost tooth and imitate tooth roots.

The dental implant provides biological compatibility with the body thanks to its titanium compounds. Since the teeth in front of, behind and opposite the missing tooth in the mouth cover the missing tooth area over time, a dental implant must be applied.

This application is a recommended successful treatment option as it replaces tooth losses and stops the jaw bone melting. With the dental implant, a longer lasting and healthy result is obtained compared to traditional bridges and total prostheses, and a more natural appearance is obtained.

Who is given implant treatment?

It is very important that the patient has completed bone development in order to successfully apply implant treatment. However, the patient's jaw structure needs to be suitable. If the jawbone is not enough, implant treatment can be started by eliminating this problem with various pre-treatments. Therefore, there is no upper age limit for implant treatment from the age that begins with the completion of bone development. Patients with chronic conditions should definitely inform the dentist and seek permission from physicians dealing with these chronic conditions before treatment.

How is dental implant application done?

Implant is a robust, comfortable and reliable application. Prostheses made on implants form the most natural structure while replacing real teeth. In the process of completing the missing teeth, healthy teeth are left untouched.

In order for the prosthesis stage to begin, the implant needs to union with the jawbone. After the implants are surgically placed in the jawbone, many patients can return to their social life on the same day. Generally, it is left to recover for 2-4 months, if it is not sufficient, this period is extended. After the recovery period, with a second surgical procedure, the implant is opened and healing caps that shape the gingiva are fixed.

These caps are necessary to provide the tooth to be prosthetic seem like it comes out of the gingiva. It is fixed for 7-10 days. In the next stage, prosthesis is performed. After dental implant procedure, the patient has stronger and healthier teeth than before.

Why implant?

Thanks to the implant, both the missing teeth are completed and the teeth perform their normal function, and by closing the image created by the missing teeth in the mouth, aesthetically, the teeth look natural and beautiful.


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