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Combining Plastic Surgery with Nonsurgical Treatments

Combining plastic surgery with nonsurgical treatments
Combining plastic surgery with nonsurgical treatments

Plastic surgery is still the gold standard to achieve aesthetic results, especially in the face. Enhanced facial rejuvenation, breast and body sculpting and other refinements are difficult-to-impossible to do outside of the operating room.

What plastic surgery can do

Plastic surgery is great at tightening loose skin since we can physically remove it. The underlying structure of the face can also be sculpted and tightened. Finally, with fat grafting, we can enhance your facial, breast and other body areas.

Whether it's a facelift and neck lift, a body lift after weight loss or breast reconstruction using fat grafting, many modern refinements can only happen with actual surgery, and not an office-based or noninvasive procedure.

Fat grafting often has the benefit of improved skin quality, color and texture. Anecdotally, patients and plastic surgeons have noticed improvements to skin quality after fat grafting, whether it's actual fat or liquified fat. Smaller volume fat grafting is often possible in an office setting, and may not require a trip to the operating room.

What nonsurgical treatments can do

Thanks to modern technology, not only can we get improved skin quality, but getting tighter skin is also possible with chemical peels, laser treatments, radiofrequency, microneedling and several other nonsurgical options. These enhancements are typically done in combination with a facelift and neck lift since skin rejuvenation is so vital to getting the best results.

Plastic surgeons can also improve the longevity of skin quality with the use of Neuromodulators, such as Botox, Dysport, Xeomin and Jeuveau, are often given after plastic surgery procedures like facelifts to maintain results. This is especially true if forehead wrinkles and crow's feet start to reappear years after your facial rejuvenation.

Combination skin treatments

Along with surgery, the use of combination pharmaceutical-grade skin medications can improve skin quality. While it is difficult for manufacturers to come up with a combination product, your plastic surgeon may be able to recommend the optimal combination of skin products that will enhance your skin, reduce fine wrinkles and improve skin discoloration. Recommendations may also include use of skin exfoliation with chemical peels, laser therapy, microneedling, PRP, radiofrequency and more.


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